Site Selection

Our team has the necessary experience and knowledge to guide a prospective tenant or property owner to the most attractive and suitable location for them in Jackson, TN. We have the know-how to make any piece of land meet your needs after performing a quality site analysis. From developing raw land to fine-tuning a piece of property in your ideal trade area, we strive to provide you with a solid location for your new venture. We understand the importance of having tenants well positioned to take advantage of the most profitable sites available in the market and are skilled at identifying key visibility points and high-traffic areas at the epicenter of regional retail.

Our marketing team can provide up-to-date demographic market research to help tenants recognize the accelerated growth potential of the Jackson market. The market consists of a 13-county region, with a population of over 400,000 people. Approximately 65% of all retail sales that occur in Madison County come from outside the county. Our goal is to help you locate for success and increase your sales.