Property Management & Leasing

The GAT staff supervises management activities for all properties, including collection of rent, repairs and common area maintenance. They utilize an extremely focused and hands-on management plan for each tenant involving daily coordination and personnel management. As a team, they manage all activities and customer service relations with individual property tenants, coordinate maintenance service schedules and tenant improvement requirements, and serve as “Ambassadors of Goodwill” for all tenants. The GAT team coordinates all repairs with the appropriate on- or off-site personnel and maintains close relations with building vendors and subcontractors who are familiar with all aspects of the property, the tenants’ needs and specific building systems. In addition, the team maintains a database of repair requests and their resolutions as a means to actively track the status of repairs and measure tenant satisfaction. GAT has established a benchmark in the timeliness and efficiency of response time to tenant issues and repairs and provides vital person-to-person contact in managing any issues that may arise with a tenant and their building.

GAT tailors all spaces to best meet tenants’ needs, even providing the option of adjustable square footage. The team also offers flexibility with leasing terms. The in-house GAT real estate staff makes answering questions and achieving results much easier. With available lease space options in the most attractive areas of West Tennessee, GAT provides tenants with the opportunity to choose the ideal space for their business or organization.